PAT Testing Price

We at LMTS PAT Testing will give you a bespoke price based on your business needs.

We feel we are competitive and trustworthy. Your repeat custom is what we aim to achieve.

We have a minimum charge of £45.00 (and includes up to 15 tests), we reserve the right to add a mileage charge for low volume or non-local work. 

  • £1.00 per item, Up to 100 items

  • Over 100 items, up to 250 items 95p per item

  • Over 250 items up to 1000 items it’s 80p per item

  • Over 1000 items it’s 75p per item  

  • Microwaves are £5.50.


Discounts are available for charities and high volume tests. Please for more information contact us


The testing can be carried out at a time that suits you best thereby minimizing any disruption. We also include the preparation of your Compliance Certification, Asset Register, and Test Result Register all of which are done back at our offices.


Please note

That detachable power leads count as an item on their own, as they have to be tested separately from the equipment to which they belong.

We are VAT registered and your certificates will be issued upon receipt of payment.



  • All small repairs are carried out free of charge.

  • Fuses are replaced free of charge.

  • We will replace some plugs for free but if there are a lot, then there will be a charge.

  • Our expert advice is also free of charge. 



All of our equipment is Calibrated, our testers are certified and fully trained.

We fully adhere to the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) the approved code of practice.

We are fully insured and have public liability insurance.

We are happy to pay you a free, no obligation, site visit before giving you a quote - after the visit we can provide you in writing a quote based on the number of items you have to test and the time it will take us to test.  (our fee also includes the preparation of your certificate which is done back at our office).





PAT Testing Is Necessary

Portable Appliance Testing is a very necessary part of your organisation's Health and Safety regime. It doesn't matter whether you're a sole trader or a large multi-national corporation; if you use electrical equipment in your business, then you have a responsibility to make sure it is safe.

Moreover, Insurance companies are now insisting on PAT Testing being carried out every 12 months (or less) in order to satisfy the conditions of their policy, and local council inspectors (Fire Officers, Environmental Health Officers) are routinely asking for evidence of PAT Testing when they carry out their inspections. 

HSE Maintaining portable electrical equipment HSG107 (Third edition) Published 2013

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